Another minor nospam/clamav unofficial update

So, if you have created a “nospam” box according to the previous blog entry, then this post may be for you. If you are noting that some emails are blocked (and some of these are gmail accounts), and you look into your logs and see something like:

virus_scan: (MBL_29603425.UNOFFICIAL), detected by 1 scanners: ClamAV-clamd

Then to fix this, you need to add the following to your amavisd.conf file:

@virus_name_to_spam_score_maps = (new_RE( [ qr’MBL_29603425.UNOFFICIAL’ => -10.0 ], ));

Then restart amavisd-new.

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The things sysadmins have to deal with…

Just one of those days… this was a production server at work. It was doing actual real live production work in August 2018, until I stumbled across it and rebuilt it into a modern VM with a modern OS.

Love how it basically says “get off of this in early 2012”. Guess no one read that motd since then. What kind of sysadmin thinks this is “ok” to leave in production 6 years after EOL?

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AOL, revisited

Just a thought, was reading this article about how facebook is killing comedy, and came across this paragraph:

Facebook has created a centrally designed internet. It’s a lamer, shittier looking internet. It’s just not as cool as an internet that is a big, chaotic space filled with tons of independently operating websites who are able to make a living because they make something cool that people want to see.

Wow, this sounds just like AOL. Spoon fed internet.

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Upgrades are always unpredictable…

Upgraded a server recently, found out a day later that my outbound mail was being rejected… from the local server. Looked at all of the configuration files and found that none of them have changed. What the heck is going on?

After some digging and minor hair-pulling I found that the software was now obeying a directive that was in the documentation from years ago. So, basically, the software is now behaving as designed, but it broke the system that was working (for years) with an “incorrect” configuration.

I wonder how many other sysadmins come across the same issue.

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Why CS/CE people hate Microsoft Office 365

NOTE: this article was written mid 2016.

A few years ago, I got a new job, and they used Google (docs, gmail, everything)… and it was wonderful. Sure, being someone who has always used OSS mail tools, office suite, etc, it was an odd feeling at first. Akin to using a new tool or riding a Vespa when you are used to “everything else”, you felt slightly out of place, but it quickly fades into the background as you learn where the controls are, and why the designers put them there. It just makes sense. Microsoft Office 365, on the other hand, is designed to slow you down, to give you no productivity, in short, it makes no damn sense Continue reading

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CUPS on Linux Mint 18, apparmor

I am pretty certain this is not a common thing, and I will investigate more as to why I need apparmor, but while working on a Linux Mint 18 box today, it would not print. In fact CUPS kept crashing. Continue reading

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Auditing IT departments

This post is spawned from a need to write down at least a minimal set of procedures that get preformed over and over through my IT adventure. It typically starts on day one: I’m the new guy, and the IT department is in shambles, or no one outside of the old sysadmins head (who was mysteriously fired) has a clue as to how the whole thing is really put together. Where do we go from here?

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Linux Mouse trails, crappy laptops

Did your boss or company force one of those really crappy Dell Latitude laptops on you (like an E5570)? Did you install Linux in a fit of rage as you had to get rid of proprietary crap? Did you notice that the mouse leaves trails and munges the screen when moving objects and windows (or just moving around)? Well, there is an easy workaround… Continue reading

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Custom Linux Mint bootable image (USB/CD)

There have been a number of posts on how to create your own Linux Mint bootable image. There was a need to create one recently, and I noted a number of things that were addressed by others, but not in one document. This post is an attempt to create one document that will outline how to create a custom Linux Mint image, using Linux mint 18.1 as of this writing, and write this to a bootable USB flash drive.

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Minor update on nospam

Just a minor update on the previous nospam entry. This update will guide you through the process of releasing a quarantined message. It is not often one has to release a quarantined message, but it is pretty quick and painless.

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