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CUPS on Linux Mint 18, apparmor

I am pretty certain this is not a common thing, and I will investigate more as to why I need apparmor, but while working on a Linux Mint 18 box today, it would not print. In fact CUPS kept crashing.

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Auditing IT departments

This post is spawned from a need to write down at least a minimal set of procedures that get preformed over and over through my IT adventure. It typically starts on day one: I’m the new guy, and the IT … Continue reading

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Linux Mouse trails, crappy laptops

Did your boss or company force one of those really crappy Dell Latitude laptops on you (like an E5570)? Did you install Linux in a fit of rage as you had to get rid of proprietary crap? Did you notice … Continue reading

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Custom Linux Mint bootable image (USB/CD)

There have been a number of posts on how to create your own Linux Mint bootable image. There was a need to create one recently, and I noted a number of things that were addressed by others, but not in … Continue reading

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Minor update on nospam

Just a minor update on the previous nospam entry. This update will guide you through the process of releasing a quarantined message. It is not often one has to release a quarantined message, but it is pretty quick and painless.

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Linux Mint, login background images

Yes, I run Linux Mint on two of my “home” machines. Also gentoo, slack, debian (and derivatives) and centos. Speaking to Vincent Batts, who is self proclaimed to be “OS agnostic”, makes me ponder trying to be even more OS … Continue reading

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We have all been there, right?

Just looked up from my desk and realized that a lot of my team members have ergonomic issues (the screen is too low when you put the monitor/laptop on the desk, the desk itself is too low, etc). I chuckled … Continue reading

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A lot has been said about planning, and I am by no means an expert in planning of any kind, but today I was walking into the office and noted something about a plan I was looking over. A plan … Continue reading

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Postfix 3.0, defaults to smtputf8 attribute

Upon upgrading a nospam type server last week, the amavisd decided to not send any mail anywhere. Looking through the mail logs, it became apparent that amavisd did not know about an attribute that Postfix is using called smtputf8. With … Continue reading

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The future of packages

I noted in this post┬áthat the infamous FreeCode is now gone. I had fond memories of posting┬ámy software when it was But time passes and things change. We should move forward with improvements and put aside outdated methods. As … Continue reading

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