We have all been there, right?

Just looked up from my desk and realized that a lot of my team members have ergonomic issues (the screen is too low when you put the monitor/laptop on the desk, the desk itself is too low, etc). I chuckled a bit as my eyes wandered and my brain realized that one persons desk is sitting on cones, one persons monitors have piles of books under them, one persons laptop is sitting on an old Sun 711 six drive storage box. I looked down only to realize that my laptop is sitting on two empty book boxes.


I can not recall the number of places that I have worked at where ergonomics were not dealt with in the most crude ways. Perhaps it is the cost of the “proper” fix that prevents most employees (and perhaps most managers) from employing such devices. Perhaps it is the immediate need (when my neck started screaming at me in burning pain from staring downwards at my laptop screen all day, I had to take action. The boxes were available and almost the right height. My monitor is still a little low). Whatever the reason, the car mechanic can get carpal tunnel, the electrician with a large tool belt on their hip can develop hip and back problems, etc. The office worker is also at risk. It would be nice if companies took these risks just a little more seriously. If the mantra was to keep a good employee instead of just letting them suffer as there are always more, we might be better off.

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