Minor update on nospam

Just a minor update on the previous nospam entry. This update will guide you through the process of releasing a quarantined message. It is not often one has to release a quarantined message, but it is pretty quick and painless.

Let’s pretend you somehow know that a message was banned (you checked the logs, someone told you they sent mail you never received, etc). You check the logs for the email and see something like:

Jun 15 15:56:24 nospam amavis[6219]: (06219-14) Blocked BANNED (application/octet-stream,.exe,.exe-ms,R2I_Onvif.dsi) {DiscardedInbound,Quarantined}, []:55555 [] <important@example.com> -> <me@mydomain.com>, quarantine: l/banned-l1au4n_DD5-5, Queue-ID: B755F688004E, Message-ID: <0004725459c7$29ds905n2151n492n53@com>, mail_id: l1au4n_DD5-5, Hits: -, size: 1234567, 4127 ms

On the nospam server, quarantines should be in either /var/amavis/quarantine, or in that directory you will find a list of sub-directories [0-9,a-z]. In our case, it was in a sub-directory, and we can see that as amavis is telling us: “quarantine: l/banned-l1au4n_DD5-5”. Therefore, we do the following:

cd /var/amavis/quarantine/l

cp banned-l1au4n_DD5-5 /var/amavis/quarantine

(or move it if you like)

amavisd-release banned-l1au4n_DD5-5

amavis should give you back an OK 250 that it was sent. It is now on its way to me@mydomain.com.

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