Linux Mouse trails, crappy laptops

Did your boss or company force one of those really crappy Dell Latitude laptops on you (like an E5570)? Did you install Linux in a fit of rage as you had to get rid of proprietary crap? Did you notice that the mouse leaves trails and munges the screen when moving objects and windows (or just moving around)? Well, there is an easy workaround…

Note that in my situation this is a Dell E5570 running Linux Mint 18, Cinnamon, 64bit.

After STFW for quite a while using the wrong search terms, I came across a line of discussions that pointed to a workaround (not an actual fix). The workaround is pretty dang simple, and if it does not work, well, you can ignore it or back out. Open a terminal and

sudo vi /etc/environment

In that file, add the following line:


Save the file. Reboot. Enjoy.


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