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This is a site dedicated to things I see on my IT journeys. I post solutions, problems, interesting items and general computer thoughts.

Example, today I had to take apart our second backblaze pod.  The place I work at purchased two of them some time ago, and never really got anywhere with them. I rebuilt the first one and made it usable. After that was proved,

I upgraded backblaze2 with forty-five 4TB drives,  and a new motherboard/ram/CPU/SATA controller. When it was first booted it was missing two drives. Initial diagnosis pointed to two bad disks, which were replaced. After replacement, one of the disks failed to come up. It was tested with the seagate tools (as they are all seagate disks) and it tested good. After further testing the backplane and cables, it was noted that when this disk backplane was moved to another SATA controller, all drives came up, but when it was moved back, the one single drive failed. Note further, debian was renaming the drives and after doing this twice, debian failed to come up. I think the real reason was debian was renaming disks (I noted twice debian moved the 500Gig boot disk). Well, since nothing was on the boot disk other than a vanilla install and I had debian on a USB stick, I started over. This time all forty-seven drives (forty-five 4TB drives + one 500Gig boot drive + one USB stick) were present.

Here is a pile of forty-five 4TB drives.


And here they are in the backblaze pod.


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